• ITIL Foundation Volume Training

    Have a ton of people to get trained in ITIL Foundation? We have three easy solutions for your team. We offer packages that include both the training and certification (course and exam) or options for training only. Please let us know what your unique needs are and we'll work together to develop a solution that is a perfect fit for your team.
    OPTION A. Volume ITIL Training & Exam Certification
    $250 a person. Buying multiple ITIL bundles online is very easy. Visit our check-out page and when prompted for "QTY" (quantity), type in the number of bundles you need. Once the transaction is completed, our Thought Rock Client team will contact you directly for the information of the learners who need to be assigned. Purchase Here
    OPTION B.  Volume ITIL Training (no exam certification)
    $55 - $100 per person depending on team size. If you want your team to go through ITIL Foundation training, but not take the exam, this option is for you. This option includes JUST the training. This option does not include the exam. Contact Us To Learn More
    OPTION C. Host The Accredited ITIL Online Course on Your Learning System
    $9500 and up.  Do you have more than 150 people to train? Consider hosting the accredited ITIL Foundation online course on your company's own internal Learning Management System (LMS) for one fixed price. This is a becoming increasingly popular among larger global companies who are looking for a fixed annual training spend. This option does not include exams.
    The volume site licence has one fixed price for an unlimited number of learners.  You host the course on your own LMS, having full control over who has access, reporting tools and tracking. Many organizations looking to train large numbers of people benefit from this fixed annual license fee.
    Want to learn more? Contact us at
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