• Why Good ITIL Implementations Go Bad

    In this on-demand webcast, ITIL Consultant Mike Hoevenaars, examines what appears to be two separate forces that will put ITIL implementations at risk, and contribute to failures. These are the dynamics of the project, which has a temporary state, and the dynamics of an organization, which has a permanent state. If left unnoticed and unattended, the interaction of these two forces can produce catastrophic results! Based upon white paper "Why good Projects go Bad" by Michael Addario and Lloyd Weber, Noveld Business Systems.

    Watch the recorded webinar HERE. 

    What You Will Learn:

    1. Understanding of the Rules of Engagement, which dominates the dynamics of a Project?

    2. Understanding of Organizational layers, motivational drivers and communication gaps, which makes up the dynamics of an organization

    3. What Problem could result as these two forces interact?

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