• Webcast Follow Up:"A Practical Approach to Implementing ITIL®"

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    Hosted by Mike Hoevenaars

    Implementing ITIL, and moving your organization to a new level of process maturity, takes significant time and organizational support. CSI talks about the 7 step improvement process and the knowledge spiral, and tells us that by making our process improvement projects goal centric, rather than process centric, we will ensure we are focusing on the "right" projects for improvement. Process changes are to be a "means to the end", not the objective by itself.

    In theory, this is all well and good, however, successfully executing on this is the challenge! Many an organization has failed with their Process Improvement initiatives when they lost focus of the business goals, and began to prioritize "what is right for the process" ahead of "what is right for the business".

    Success lies in how well you can identify and implement the process changes that will best address the opportunities to "enable" the organization, or risks and issues "preventing" the organization from achieving their business goals and strategies.

    Mike Hoevenaars will demonstrate how this was applied, as a continual spiral of process improvement, to successfully implemented our Service Desk, and the processes of Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, and Asset & Configuration Management.

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