• Webcast Follow Up: Using Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement to Implement ITIL® Service Delivery Best Practices

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    Presented by Frank Herman, Principal at LeanVista LLC.

    If you plan to leverage the power of ITIL's service delivery best practices, what you're really doing is a series of process improvement projects. Learn from the best practices of process improvement as found in the Lean / Six Sigma approach to find out how to make your ITIL-based process enhancements the best they can be.
    Three key learnings:
    1. You will learn the commonalities between Lean / Six Sigma (LSS) process improvement approaches and the ITIL Continual Service Improvement approach. This will improve your ability to communicate across organizational boundaries with departments and divisions whose process improvement activities are driven by LSS instead of ITIL.
    2. You will learn about the numerous LSS agnostic process design, deployment and measurement tools that can be used to provide enhanced control, justification and expansion of ITIL improvement projects. Using a sports analogy, if you consider ITIL as the "playbook" to improve Service Delivery, then LSS is a weight lifting program that can make all of your process improvement efforts stronger and faster, no matter what plays you are running. 
    3. You will learn how to design ways to "piggyback"/integrate your ITIL process improvement projects with existing or planned LSS process improvement projects from a Program Management perspective. This can improve your ability to get ITIL improvements into production where LSS is the controlling process improvement paradigm in your company.
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