• Webcast Follow Up: [Part 2] Building a Customer Satisfaction Survey that Drives Service Improvement!

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    “Perception is reality” – many service organizations (IT included) believe they know what’s best for the customer and what customers really want. Unfortunately, if we don’t ask we will never really know for sure.

    With careful survey design; questions and responses can provide organizations with visibility into not only what components of services and service delivery are unsatisfactory and the degree of dissatisfaction; but pinpoint the areas that are deemed important.

    Key Learnings

    Quick Review (from Part 1):

    • Understand exactly who the ‘customer’ is in ‘customer satisfaction’
    • Why your existing customer survey could be showing inflated satisfaction response
    • Learn about the different methodologies for establishing a customer satisfaction baseline
    • How to build a service improvement program around customer satisfaction
    • How to design and build surveys that drive improvement!

    Part 2: Building a Customer Satisfaction Survey

    • Survey Framework Setup
    • Standard Survey Dimensions
    • Survey Execution
    • Survey Analysis & Reporting
    • Assisted Maturity Self-Assessment

    This session explores how an IT organization can build and implement a sustainable, customer satisfaction measurement survey (or framework) that gathers relevant, actionable information and provides valuable customer insight that will drive service improvement!

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