• Webcast Follow Up: [Part 1] Building a Customer Satisfaction Survey that Drives Service Improvement!

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    Presented by Charles Cyna, President, ThinkITSM Corp.

    Back by popular demand, dynamic speaker Charles Cyna joins us to kick off Thought Rock Live with a special two-part webcast series!

    Most IT organizations would agree that customer satisfaction is an important measure. However, when it comes to building a methodology to confidently measure it, there is some ambiguity about how to approach this challenge.

    This session will explore how an IT organization can implement a sustainable, holistic customer satisfaction measurement system that will drive service improvement.

    Key Learnings:

    1. Understand exactly who is the ‘customer’ in customer satisfaction
    2. Why your existing customer survey could be showing inflated satisfaction response
    3. Learn about the different methodologies for establishing a customer satisfaction baseline
    4. How to build a service improvement program around customer satisfaction
    5. How to design and build surveys that drive improvement!
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