• Webcast Follow Up: "Pete Talks: The Power of Metrics, Reporting and Storytelling with Malcolm Fry"

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    Presented by Peter McGarahan and Malcolm Fry.

    When your boss asks you how your team is performing, what’s your response? What stories, reports or data are you sharing? To what result? What are the right measurements for IT Service organizations and how can they positively impact performance and drive continuous improvement when aiming to exceed targets?

    In the crowded and data-driven universe of ITSM, finding the right metrics from the vast amounts of data is challenging, time-consuming and not always perfect! Basically we are working to show the progress and the success of our journey, measured by:

    1. Assessing your current performance (baseline)
    2. Measuring your ongoing performance (actual)
    3. Stating where you want your performance to be (targets)

     At any time, your stakeholders will want to know the performance of your organization. You must be positioned to relate success stories showing real business impact:

    1. Your team’s progress - Actual compared to Baseline
    2. Your team’s opportunity for continued progress - Actual compared to Target

    Please join Peter McGarahan as he sits down with IT Service Management legend and thought leader Malcolm Fry. Malcolm, the creator of the POM – Power of Metrics course will share his lessons, insights and thoughts on what organizations can start doing today to utilize their reporting as a guide for improvement and sharing success stories with stakeholders.

    Key Take-Aways:

    • The difference and relevance of Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are aligned with organizational goals and objectives
    • How incident, problem, change and service desk metrics are addressed in the ITIL 2011 Edition publications
    • Important incident, problem and change CSFs and KPIs for your organization
    • How to use Excel as a data repository source for all critical success factors and KPIs that drives reporting
    • The Good Day, Bad Day concept of reporting that can be understood by all stakeholders
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