• Webcast Follow Up: Changing The Way We Work Together: The “DevOps” Opportunity

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    Looking for candid and insightful conversations between IT industry professionals in a dynamic, unpredictable talk-show format?

    Please join talk show facilitator Peter McGarahan as he welcomes industry expert William Keyworth to discuss the elephant in the room – how Development and the Service and Support teams can work together for the better of the business.

    Key take-aways:

    • How companies are using DevOps practices to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, usability and support of enterprise services.
    • Expert opinions and experiences in how to best create a change culture where DevOps can be implemented successfully.
    • DevOps goals, objectives and areas of focus that will return the time invested with measurable results.

    Organizations rapidly implement technology change with a focus on minimizing the business impact and maximizing the productivity opportunity. IT frameworks have provided guidelines for the Design, Development, Operations, Service and Support teams to work together for the betterment of the business, IT credibility and in delivering measurable business benefits.

    This “DevOps” movement assumes that we are starting from scratch and honestly asking ourselves if we could, would we:

    • Design services from a business perspective with improved usability, navigation and business functionality.
    • Design services to be maintained, supported and operated more cost-effectively.
    • Build a two-way bridge of collaboration, communication and cooperation between the teams.
    • Communicate to increase business buy-in, traction and continued adoption of technology change.
    • Ensure the Service Desk is involved and engaged during the transition improving knowledge, First Call Resolution and decreasing reliance on development resources.
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