• Webcast Follow Up: Should Change and Release Management be the Same Process?

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     Presented by Mark Sherry, VP ITSM Division of Stroma

    Over the years Mark Sherry has managed many ITIL implementations and the same questions always come up related to Change and Release Management:

    • Where does the Change Management process stop and the Release Management process take over?
    • Should they be combined into one process?
    • Should they remain separate processes?
    • How should we handle Standard Changes?
    • Who is responsible for the post implementation review?
    • When should change management approve a change?
    • Who approves the release?
    • What type of change classifications do we need?
    • Who decides if a release should be backed out?

    If you have struggled with these questions as they relate to your processes join Mark Sherry for his perspective. He will examine the pragmatics associated with Change and Release being separate processes and also combining both processes into one.

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