• Right Information - Right When Its Needed

    Written by Graham Furnis.

    Recently I was engaged with eLearning solution provider Ontuitive. They have a different perspective for managing and operating within their industry's space. I like the company, the solution, and the people I engaged with; and I loved the experience of having my thoughts opened to a different way of thinking.

    The Ontuitive tool, LearningGuide Manager®, and concept behind it focus on “Performance Support”, which is best described as putting the right information into your employee hands when they need it. The overall concept isn’t really new as management has been struggling with this since the beginning of time. But how to achieve it has been a constant riddle with many tools along the way. The Ontuitive tool offers a solution that ties support across multiple systems. At its most advanced function, it offers context sensitive information at the field level of systems software.

    So why am I intrigued with this tool? What makes it different? What makes it different for me is the concept behind it and how I connect the concept to different potentials and business results. In subsequent blogs I’ll discuss these potentials. For now, I'll leave you for with a question and thought:

    What good things can happen if we put the right information into our employee hands when they need it?

    Graham Furnis

    Graham Furnis is fully immersed and passionate in providing ITSM solutions. He is a business-driven IT professional with 20+ years of technology and management experience. He is certified as an ITIL Manager and Expert as well as an accredited instructor.

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