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    Presented by Julie Reaume, Director of Development at MindMuze. 

    Post-mortem. A word that conjures up fear and dread in the best of us. The idea of a post-mortem meeting can make our teams (and ourselves) defensive...even before the meeting begins!

    How do we remove the negative connotations around post-mortem meetings and focus on how to integrate them into every project, in a way that focuses on continuous learning and improvement? What can we do (and say) differently to use these meetings as growth opportunities and not blame sessions?

    Join Julie Reaume as she discusses how to conduct a post-mortem meeting without blame - and make it a meeting that your team will actually want to attend.

     Key Learnings:

    - How to structure the post-mortem meeting to make it an opportunity for growth, improvement and empowerment

    - How to avoid the blame game in post-mortem meetings

    - Tips on getting the team involved in the meeting rather than defensive about the meeting

    - Why post-mortem meetings are a crucial step in closing out our projects

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