• Upcoming Webcast - June 05, 2012 "Implementing a Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program that Drives Service Improvement!"


    Presented by Charles Cyna, President, ThinkITSM Corp.

    Most IT organizations would agree that customer satisfaction is an important measure.  However, when it comes to building a methodology to confidently measure it, there is some ambiguity about how to approach this challenge.

    This session will explore how an IT organization can implement a sustainable, holistic customer satisfaction measurement system that will drive service improvement.

    Key Learnings:

    1. Understand exactly who is the ‘customer’ in customer satisfaction
    2. Why your existing customer survey could be showing inflated satisfaction response
    3. Learn about the different methodologies for establishing a customer satisfaction baseline
    4. How to build a service improvement program around customer satisfaction
    5. How to design and build surveys that drive improvement!
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