• Have You Ever Heard of Mind Mapping?

    Written by Professional and Life Coach Hélène Egan from Voila Coaching

    How often have you been sitting in front of your computer screen knowing full well that you have to start your project, email, document, presentation, whatever it may be, but nothing seems to be making it to the screen?   More than once? 

    How did you get going? 

    Next time you are in that time sucking, and energy sucking, position, try this.  Open up your Mind Mapping program.

    What is there to love about Mind Mapping

    It is a visual and colourful gatherer of all of your brilliance.  It’s a clever way to capture ideas that are not fully formulated yet, but that need to get out into the world.  All ideas, words, images in your mind map are inter-connected and related.  It’s a visual representation of what is in your head.

    With the Mind Map, you start with the topic, or big idea.  From there, you create branches to hold each subsequent and related idea.  From the branches, you can create more branches, and so on, building and building on ideas, with words, sketches, images, even numbers.

    It works well for those of us who are list-makers, by adding creativity and a visual representation of our ideas.   

    This approach creates momentum, allows you to see what you have, and know where the gaps are.  It’s kind of like brainstorming on your own.  Keep in mind however, that Mind Mapping with a team can also create some awesome results.

    I have used Mind Mapping to set my goals, create the structure of a presentation, plan a charity work event, and plan a trip.  You can likely come up with many more ways to use this tool.  I use Mind Node (free app on the ITunes app store), and there are many such tools available to you online.

    What’s a task or project that is needing some of your creativity?  What has been difficult to start?  Try Mind Mapping to get you going. 

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