• Webcast Follow Up: Educational Strategies For ITIL Programs

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    To train or not to train? ….this is a question many organizations face when implementing ITIL. And if you train…who do you train? What do you train them in? Do you certify as well? Does an employee need to be certified in a best practice in order to execute it efficiently?

    Join Thought Rock Co-Founder John Towsley as he discusses from the top down, from IT best practices to ITIL, strategies for team education and training. Understand how a blend of classroom-based training and online training has allowed departments to more efficiently allot training dollars. Hear simple case studies how organizations strategically spread their training budgets across various management levels. Not everyone requires the same level of training. If you’re implementing ITIL and are trying to figure out the best training strategy – this presentation is for you!

    Key Learnings:

    - Understand how to build an IT Best practice training when implementing ITIL

    - What are the best methods of training

    - What are the potential ROIs / cost justifications.

    - Sample training plans

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