• Webcast Follow Up: Influencing Teams: Getting Buy In and Ensuring Project Success

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    Thank you for joining us on Thought Rock Live today – talking about how to influence your people.

    As promised, I am sending you:

    1. Top 10 resources to learn more about influence click here
    2. The template to help you plan your influential communications
    3. A link to my blog where you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter on influence or just read/watch ideas about influence

    I encourage you to start a discussion thread on Thought Rock or the LinkedIn group and share ideas.

    How else could I help you?

    Happy influencing!


    Jill Donahue 

    Speaker, Author, Consultant on Behaviour Change in Healthcare
    Founder / Excellerate

    ABOUT THE WEBCAST - Presented by Jill Donahue, Founder, Excellerate.                                

    Hot off the heels of the webcast "How To Answer The Front Line's Question "ITIL - What's In It For Them?", this presentation continues the conversation of influencing behaviour and making real change happen.

    Understand the key steps needed to maintain buy in. Learn tips to influence team members faster. If you're faced with the challenge of ensuring your project is met with buy in (and pull through) all the way down to the front line - then this presentation is for you!  

    Key Learnings:                                                                                                     

    • How to influence others that are beyond your authority
    • How to guide people up the staircase of persuasion
    • Common mistakes we make in our efforts to influence others 
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