• Webcast Follow Up: How To Answer The Front Line’s Question "ITIL - What's In It For Them?"

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    Thought Rock member Lisa Lemmons joins us for a 45 min conversation about the real-life implementation challenges her team is facing at Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

    Open dialogue. Candid conversation.

    Implementing a Best Practice with the creation of policy, process and procedures, then training and implementation is a challenge. Lisa knows this first hand. In the end though, she believes it is the front line gurus that make or break the success of it. So much depends on getting started with buy-in from across the various IT groups.

    “How do we extend the respect to them that they deserve when they ask what benefit will my team experience, what’s in it for us?” Lisa asks.

    There's lots of documentation and information available for how businesses will benefit, but what about the people who make it happen? Join us as Lisa and the Thought Rock team discuss the challenges and best-practices associated with influencing and ensuring your project is met with buy-in all the way down to the front line.


    Lisa Lemmons, Configuration Manager, Presbyterian Healthcare Services

    Graham Furnis, Senior Consultant, Thought Rock

    John Towsley, Co-Founder and Consultant, Thought Rock

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