• Webcast Follow Up: Incident Management Metrics - A University of Miami Case Study

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     Webcast Description

    Presented by: Eddie Vidal, Manager Enterprise Support Services, University of Miami

    We live our whole lives being measured, for example, how much did we weigh at birth? What grades did you receive on your report cards? What score did you receive on your SAT’s? As a manager, how do you measure yourself? How does your boss measure you? Does he/she use an annual review or balanced scorecard? Are you measured by the number of times you buy lunch for your team?

    Many measurements are subjective which can lead to differences of opinion. Measurement is important, because it puts vague concepts into context. It is not enough to say you want to deliver quality service, but you must define what it means to know if you are succeeding. Eddie Vidal will introduce the tools, templates and samples on grading and ranking your Help Desk Analysts in 8 different categories he implemented at the University of Miami.

    Since all these numbers and measurements will get you nowhere without the buy-in and contribution of the Analysts you are measuring, Eddie will walk you through the steps he navigated and provide you a starting point to implement an analyst dashboard within your organization and improve the quality of service provided to your customers.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Keeping it simple, measurements to get you started
    • Importance of obtaining analyst buy-in
    • Creating a professional development program
    • Useful information, why it’s important to use metrics
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