• Webcast Follow Up: Are Industry Best Practices Getting You The Results You Expected?

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    Presented by Peter McGarahan, President of McGarahan & Associates. Best and good practices in the support industry are plentiful.  These process practices are guidelines for focusing more on "what you should be doing" rather than "how you should be doing it" with little to no regard for the influential environmental factors. 

    Purposeful Practices are an innovative way to look at these widely accepted processes with an emphasis on achieving a desired, measurable end result.  Purposeful Practices are always open to investigation and continuous improvement to increase the value of these services to the business 

    Key Learnings:

    • More than just implementing best practices; success is in integrating Purposeful Practices with the tools, people and existing processes achieving the desired measured results.
    • In a 'shift-left' service strategy, you work to drive resolution closest to the customer while leveraging call mapping to target repetitive issues for elimination.
    • UFFA Awareness! Exposure to the Knowledge Principle of UFFA - Use, Flag, Fix and Add. Service Leaders are making UFFA a part of day-to-day operations and holding people accountable for the quality, use and measured effectiveness of their knowledge program.

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