• Webcast Follow Up: Assessing the Maturity of your Organization’s ITSM Information Model

    By Michael Oas, President of Communicating IT Inc.
    Establishing an information model, associated roles and procedures are critical to enabling effective decision support. Strategic, Tactical and Operational reporting is only as valued as the story it tells. If the information you are collecting and managing through your ITSM enabling technologies is incomplete, the ability to support consistent and quality-driven decisions will be impacted.
    This recorded session explores important criteria you should be looking for in the IT Service Management information your organization captures, and how this information can be effectively managed and maintained to deliver value.
    Key Learnings:
    1. What is an information model, and why should my organization have one documented with a formal owner?
    2. Why isn’t the information that my ITSM toolset collects sufficient for my needs?
    3. How do I know what to change, and perhaps more importantly what NOT to change in my ITSM enabling technology?
    4. What is the importance of information model auditing?
    View recorded session
    Download presentation slides (must have a Thought Rock membership to access the Thought Rock library)

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