• Webcast Follow Up: ITIL v3 in 6.5 Minutes from the Godfather of ITIL

    This week we had Dr. Don Page, Business Development director from Marval join us on Thought Rock Live. 

    It was a great presentation and a “getting down to brass tacks” discussion about the key elements of ITSM operational success. Don suggests that incorporating best practices in Change, Problem and Continuous Improvement, as examples, is more about culture than written processes.  

    Getting started means breaking down the processes into "what would you do if it was your money, your mortgage making the decisions?"

    In terms of moving ahead, Don suggests:

    1. Keep it simple
    2. Keep it real
    3. Sell your successes; focus on areas identified for improvement
    4. If your business doesn't want a world-class ICT team, go somewhere that does

    Missed the presentation? No problem!

    You can view the recorded version and download the presentation slides in the Thought Rock Library.

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