• Follow Up: Influencing Without Authority Webcast

    "Start playing chess instead of checkers in how you influence". Jill Donahue, Excellerate.

    What a fresh and inspiring presentation from leadership and change consultant Jill Donahue.   This 45 minute educational webcast walks the audience through how to influence behaviour both in your professional and personal life.

    As promised in her presentation, Jill has followed up with two additonal tools:

    1. Jill's list of top 10 recommended readings on Influencing Behaviour. Download list here. (Jill's favourite is "Influencer: The Power to Change Anything"

    2. A short (<2 min) video that beautifully illustrates the importance of emotion before logic. 

    Missed the presentation? Check out the recorded webcast here.

    Want to reach out to Jill Donahue directly?  Please find her contact information below:

    Jill Donahue

    p: 905-841-1137



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