• The Path to Better Problem Solving and Process Improvement

    The ThoughtRock portal is like a mineral deposit. Lots there, it just has to be found and mined…

    I’ve delivered many lunch and learn presentations across different ITIL / ITSM topics. Recently, I delivered a Problem Management presentation that drew a large attendance and subsequent follow up. The interest and feedback was very clear: that a large number of organizations are struggling to put Problem Management in place and to show results. This was the metal detector going off…

    Much of the feedback voiced challenges around enabling staff to become better problem solvers, and to the cost barriers of doing so across a large number of people. I’ve run across this many times in my process engagements and knew that attendees were looking for scalable and impactful “quick wins”. Do you remember the Deming concepts promoted within ITIL? Make continual small improvements with high value and minimal cost-time.

    To this aim we responded by packaging a solution used in previous process improvement initiatives: the bite-sized and scaleable Problem Solving Workshop. This solution has succeeded before and is now being used successfully by organizations to show organizational quick win improvements.

    One of the keys that I look for in any process improvement is the value equation of Impact / Cost-Time.

    The workshop 2 - 3 hour format has proven critical to allowing staff time away from their responsibilities, and – most importantly – cost effective to be scaled across entire departments and organizations for maximum impact. Compare this to the challenges most managers face when presenting a business case for funding approval of a 1 or 2 day course. There’s limited value and business case in improving the problem solving skills of a few and hoping it trickles down.

    Look forward to more of these business effective solutions.

    Graham Furnis is fully immersed and passionate in providing ITSM solutions. He is a business-driven IT professional with 20+ years of technology and management experience. He is certified as an ITIL Manager and Expert as well as an accredited instructor.

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