• On Demand Webcast ::: Establishing a Comprehensive Process Governance Framework

    Presented by Thorsten Manthey, Senior Manager - ITSM at WellPoint

    Thorsten Manthey describes in detail what must be done to establish a comprehensive process governance framework, highlight its challenges and benefits as well as some learning's from these initiatives. The presentation explains what organizational structures need to be put in place, the roles that need to be assigned, responsibilities and accountabilities for each role and the council to be established in order to operate and govern IT processes within an organization

    What you can add to your "tool box" after this watching this presentation:

    • Which Process and Governance Roles do I have to define?

    • What is each role Accountable and Responsible for?

    • How do these Roles interact?

    • How are process integration and escalation issues managed?

    • How is continuous communication channels established between processes?


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