• Indian iPad: India Debuts $35 Touchscreen Tablet

    Like the knock off, designer watches that adorn Canal Street in New York, the recent unveiling of an iPad knockoff in India has the tech market abuzz.   And like a faux Rolex, this tablet computer goes for the rock bottom price of $35.  Could this be the way of the future?
    Affordable technology for the masses? Or, just an inferior product, giving people the opportunity to experience a product/lifestyle that they otherwise would be unable to?

    The truth is, this product follows a number of other such unveilings coming from India (the $2,100 Nano car, the $16 water purifier etc.) and the trend  has shone a light on the increased demand and need for modern technology at an affordable price in the developing world.  

    While the western world can drop $500 on an iPad, the developing world’s poverty levels hinder its ability to keep on top of modern technologies. Additionally, the public is largely uneducated and so,  these prices  make a modern education possible.  And the Indian government is adding even more incentive for potential buyers, by subsidizing the purchase of the product for students and dropping the price to $20.  

    Education over profitability?  What a foreign concept and stark contrast to the western world’s obsession with profit and name brands.

    Makes you wonder what an iPad is really worth, doesn’t it?

    Maybe somewhere between $35 and $500.

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