• Thanks to your help, we've helped build a school library for kids in need!

    We're positively thrilled to report that our favorite charity, Room to Read, has successfully built a library at a school in Nepal.

    Shree Kisani Primary School is located in a village called Arman, located in central Nepal. Most of its students are very poor, and although parents and teachers saw an urgent need for a library the local school administration lacked the resources to build one.

    That's where Thought Rock and its friends comes in. Together we organized Lend Me Your Ears, a charity gathering of industry thought leaders, with proceeds going to Room to Read's worthy efforts. The folks over at Room to Read were thrilled to update us on their progress:

    This library will provide a new and safe learning environment for hundreds of children over the years ahead. I hope you are pleased with the final results and the tremendous gift you have helped provide to this community!

    Here are some photos of the new building. It's small, and it's quite simple -- but bringing knowledge to a remote, impoverished corner of the world will make a difference!

    Thanks to everyone whose support made this possible. Let's keep the momentum going!

    Donate to Room to Read by clicking here.

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