• We're offering a home to all purple squirrels -- Introducing Thought Rock's new Virtual Interest Groups (VIGs)!

    Do you sometimes feel like a “purple squirrel” – someone with unique challenges, but struggling to find people with whom you can share those challenges? Well, feel alone no longer -- there are others like you, and we're bringing them to you!

    You may have heard about Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which create communities to advance a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology. Members of SIGs cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field, and may meet communicate, meet and organize conferences.

    There are also Local Interest Groups (LIGs), which, in addition to annual conferences, and to better serve members in a particular region, organize frequent short meetings, which tend to have a strong bias on getting together and having fun – although there have been presentations, as well.

    Well, now welcome to 2010! Thought Rock is bringing you Virtual Interest Groups (VIGs). Through these innovative online gatherings, we will bring you closest to those who share your interests, challenges, job roles and industry similarities. 

    Meet in our Virtual Meeting Rooms, with you and your “purple squirrel” colleagues throughout the global Thought Rock community.

    Our very first Virtual Interest Group is scheduled for May 12, 2010, especially for Change Managers (click here to find out more) -- but there are plenty more to come! Check back here frequently -- or visit our calendar -- for updates.
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