• Interesting new smartphone app: get a live operator every time

    There's a neat new app called "Dial Zero" that, once installed on your smartphone, connects you directly to a live operator, bypassing automated call centers:

    Quickly dial the customer service numbers of over 600 companies and skip directly to a person. Don't wait through annoying voice prompts any longer. Dial Zero is useful, fast, and simple.

    Learn tips from other users who share how they got what they wanted from these companies (refunds, canceling their account, etc.). Unfortunately, calling many of these companies is frustrating--we hope the app helps you feel more in control.

    In a lot of ways, this is nothing new. For years, it's been possible to find the numbers -- or combination of numbers -- needed to connect directly to live operators. All these folks have done is take that data and connect it to a simple dialing app.

    Anyone else getting that "darn, if only I'd thought of that phone app" feeling?

    And hopefully support providers aren't feeling insulted ...

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