• Be Careful Where You Aim Your ITSM Sales Pitches!

    The reliably readable IT Skeptic had an interesting post recently:"No Thanks, I Don't Want To Look At Your ITSM Product."

    ... as a jaded ex-vendor there isn't a chance in hell that I am going to get enraptured by your baby and shout its merits from the rooftops. If your product is truly the revolutionary transformational game-changer you tell me it is, LOTS of people will suggest I look at it not just you, and then I'll know.

    So I'm really not interested in looking at your offering right now. Your product has no interest or value to me until I have the context of some requirements. When the time comes that I or a client of mine have a need, then we'll research what's available to meet that need. Right now... no thanks.

    One gets the sense that our friend the IT Skeptic gets an awful lot of sales pitches! If you were planning to hit him up with a sales pitch, you might want to think twice.

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