• Cheer up, the Great Recession isn't all bad ...

    The recession has been pretty rough so far, with high and persistent unemployment. This is particularly the case in manufacturing. But according to Patrick Thibodeau over at Network World Asia, ITSM has proven very resilient. He details a major effort by MasterCard to improve its ITSM practices, and points to broader industry trends:

    IDC projects that worldwide revenue from sales of change and configuration management software grew by 3% in 2009 to $4.1 billion. IDC forecasts that revenue in the catgory will grow by 5.6% in 2010. Revenue generated by problem management software, which includes service desk systems, increased by 4.2% in 2009 to $4.2 billion, IDC added. Problem management software revenue is projected to increase by 5.9% in 2010.

    These are pretty impressive numbers, considering the state of the economy. Definitely something to feel good about -- unless you work for NASA.

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